Our Services

No matter in what industry you are in, what your needs are, and what your current struggles are with your Tax Returns, Bookkeeping, Accounts, and Payrolls, we have got you covered. We provide you accurate and affordable services so you don’t have to worry about managing your tax returns anymore. We take care of everything from A-Z in these domains, while you focus on growing your business and becoming the best in your industry.

When you use our services, you remain stress free and can give your focus to other important things. Our experts not only manage but also give you exclusive plans for your business so it can thrive in the coming years and its profitability can be maximized to an utmost extent.

Hundreds of happy business owners count on Akella Consulting Service to assist them in yearly tax returns,manage their payrolls, financial reports, and come up with effective strategies to help them in minimizing liabilities. You too can become part of our thriving clientele and set your business to achieve new heights in the coming years.

Tax Planning

Akella Consulting Service offers tax preparation services to businesses in diverse industries, so they don’t have to deal with tax compliance workload anymore. Our experts provide tax advisory and solutions that meet your total tax planning needs. By acquiring our services, you can minimize tax liabilities and save more!

Individual Tax Returns

If you are an individual, the thought of a tax return might make you sweat.That’s where we can help you. Our year end package keeps you stress free and you don’t have to do any tedious paperwork. The experts part of our team have years of experience in helping individuals with their tax returns and have customised solutions for all your needs.

Business Tax Returns

While your yearly revenue increases, your business grows, yet there’s something you can’t stop worrying about — Business Tax Returns!!! How will you manage them on your own? But there’s no need to, because at Akella Consulting Services we help businesses from different industries to manage their Tax return in an efficient manner.

ITIN Processing

Being Certified Acceptance Agent, authorized by IRS to assist alien individuals and other foreign persons in obtaining ITINs (Individual Tax Identifying Number) from the IRS.  We review applicants documentation, complete a certificate of accuracy, and forward the certificate and application to the IRS for processing.

Accounting & Book Keeping

It’s OK if you don’t have time to manage your accounts on your own, but it’s not wise to leave them for the end. We provide you professional Accounting and Bookkeeping services so you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the management aspects of your business.

Financial Reports

With our financial report service you can gain a competitive advantage as an organization. It provides vital information to capital providers like creditors and investors about the profitability and financial stability of your company. By attracting more of them, you can increase the worth of your business.


Small things shouldn’t take most of your time, since each of your second has some worth. You don’t need to waste hours daily in managing the payrolls, instead you can acquire our services and get the job done in less time and with no effort. Our Payroll services are 100% accurate, on time, and compliant.

We can Simplify all your Tax Related Problems

Even small businesses in the USA struggle with their tax returns. And if we go deep to find the root cause, it’s because of the lack of time and resources required for bookkeeping and managing payroll and accounts. So outsourcing has become a norm.  You are not supposed to do everything on your own. Intelligent business owners outsource the work that’s beyond their domain — or maybe too trivial for their important time. And that’s where Akella Consulting Service comes in. We have a team of experts — for every service we render — who come up with unique and effective solutions for businesses we work with. We help our clients manage their accounts, payroll, and tax returns efficiently. Hundreds of thriving businesses from varying industries are associated with Akella Consulting Service, and you can become a part of our happy clientele too.

Manage Your Funds with Ease

With so much already on your plate, you can lose track of things. This also leads to poor funds management. Akella Consulting Service experts interpret your financial records and reports to improve your profitability, allowing you to keep accurate records regarding your funds and track your progress.

Grow Your Revenue

And as it goes without saying, once you have control over your funds and your liabilities are minimized, your revenue soars high. With our team taking care of your taxes and payrolls, you get plenty of time to focus on productive aspects of your business.

Business Planning

Our experts believe in developing a new strategy exclusively for your business. When you sit down with them and share your concerns and expectations, they come up with a business plan that’s bound to work. For us, it’s not just about getting our job done but maximizing your savings is our ultimate goal.

Tracking & Learning

We don’t sit down until we believe we have maximized your savings and minimized your liabilities. Our experts track your progress and note down what’s working and what isn’t. So in the end, we leave you with the best results you can get and expect from us.